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Teen Vogue Slims Down for 2017

Does anyone else just love paper? The feel? The smell? The colors? I know...I get it. We need to be moving with the times. The time of digital everything, smart gadgets, and microchips. I do appreciate the capabilities of the digital world but, I still love, even prefer paper. If I could write all of you this blog post on cute, navy and gold stationery, and put it in your mailbox with a darling floral forever stamp, I would! Anyway, I digress...but this is why I am always excited when print magazines stay, well, in print. 

Starting with their spring Issue, Teen Vogue now is being printed quarterly; a reduction from monthly. Editors at Teen Vogue discussed the reasons why with BOF. "Teen Vogue speaks to the future — and our incredible digital growth is proof that young Millennials and Generation Z want to be meaningfully engaged,” says Philip Picardi, the digital editorial director.  However, that doesn't mean the print magazine moves completely to the archives. The article continues, "In order to give Teen Vogue's new print incarnation a more collectible feel, the book will be larger in format" covering "hot-button issues thought to be important to the reader."

Teen Vogue's announcement to invest in digital did not come long after editor in Chief Amy Astley was reassigned to Architectural Digest. She was replaced by a team of three Millennials, editor Elaine Welteroth, Picardi, and creative director Marie Suter. In a different article BOF reported the team's equal stature reflects how important Teen Vogue feels not only the print magazine is, but also their growth in digital. Welteroth's vision for the magazine's audience: "We're not speaking to her in they way we were speaking to her 13 years ago, [because] the world has changed a ton. Our goal is to evolve with her...certainly, we're a fashion magazine still, but we're also so much more than that."

With many outlets moving solely to digital, or folding all together, time will tell how the target audience accepts Teen Vogue's new format. For a list of other recent publications that are changing according to the age of technology read Tin Shingle's ongoing list in the Media Contacts section. As for me, I'll continue to covet my stationary while taking baby steps in the emerging ways of new generations. :)

PR Leads: New Week, New Goodies for You!

Hey y'all. Tin Shingle is not going to let the week end without giving you some new, fresh, PR leads! We have added at least a dozen new magazines to our Editorial Calendar Section for members only. If you are not using these guys you are missing out a huge tool to help get your brand into the press. Each calendar gives you insight into which direction every issue is heading. Not only can this motivate your creative side to come up with ideas on how to get your business into a print mag, but it just might be what makes you stand out from the hundreds of other pitches they are already getting. DIY PR can seem overwhelming but, you can do it! Tin Shingle's Editorial Calendar Database along with these tips really make it simple.  Still need more help? Don't forget Tin Shingle's Tuneup Series: What to Pitch This Month which is a free live class the first Wednesday of every month.  If you miss it, don't fret, you can download any of our classes and listen to them over and over.  This Tuneup, available for download (free for members!), will teach you exactly how to use a calendar and score press from it. Here is a sneak peek of what magazines have been added this week:


Car & Driver - Featuring an article about The Future of Mobility.

New York Magazine

Cooking with Paula Deen

Instyle - One issue devoted to Holiday Fashion, Party Planning, and Holiday Gift Guides.

People Magazine

Popular Mechanics - Can't wait to read the September issue, "How to Make Anything".

Road and Track

W Magazine - Soon to hit newsstands - "The Creatives" issue.

Southern Home

Town & Country


Send Your Favorite Business A Valentine: Write Them A 5-Star Review!

This Challenge was issued to Tin Shingle Members the Monday before Valentine's Day - to send their favorite business a Valentine by way of a good review. That's a Valentine that keeps on giving and giving!

Facebook is being very promotional right now of when reviews are written, and is encouraging those who Check In to places to write a review of their experience. As we discussed in an SEO TuneUp with expert Kate Saunders, Google is cultivating the reviews also from several social networks, so these really do matter a lot.

When you leave a few reviews, tell us who you left them for, and tag them in a Comment on Tin Shingle's Facebook page!

Ok, so I've convinced you to go write a review. But go check your own Facebook Business Page before you tell your friends to leave you a Review. Can you even find the Reviews tab on it? If you cannot, we have an "Ask The Expert" article that explains how to move your Reviews tab in simple terms and pictures.

How Reviews look in your Facebook Business Page

Where To Find The Reviews Tab On Your Facebook Business Page



The Small Business Bootcamp-Powering Your Growth

Fitness boot camps used to scare me. Whistles, sweat, and intense moves...yikes! All I thought about was, "Would I be able to walk the next day!?" But, who are we all kidding, boot camps are EFFECTIVE. And they really don't hurt so much after all! What about for your business? Yes, its true, NAWBO NYC's Small Business Bootcamp will be just as effective to empower your business' success and growth. All are invited, from small business owners to consultants, to attend the all day conference in New York City on Friday February 24th. This year the boot camp with develop three main themes: Development & Growth, Operational Efficiency and Excellence, & People and Leadership. 

Attendees will gain practical advice to boost sales and streamline operations, meet and network with other focused and devoted entrepreneurs, listen to national speakers about digital marketing and more! Tin Shingle's own co-founder, Katie Hellmuth Martin, will be a featured expert, leading one of the roundtable discussions exposing how the media works so you can win PR for your business. You will even have the opportunity for a personal coaching session. Read more about the conference being held in Times Square and take advantage of early bird pricing if you sign up today! Will we see you there? 


PR Lead: More Editorial Calendars For You - Right Now!

Hey there! Don't let a mid week slump start early...Do you need some more inspiration? Check out what stories these magazines are planning for 2017. Tin Shingle connected directly with each magazine to provide members only with this tool for success. Editorial calendars will provide the overall theme or direction each issue is heading, helping you to plan a golden pitch, which could just get you in the glossy print issue!  Here are some ideas that popped out:  Better Nutrition is featuring a column, 7 Ways to Handle Stress & Anxiety. Who doesn't relate to that! Can you offer expert tips? What about Crain's New York Business' issue: 25 Things We Love About NY Business or Clean Eating's Budget Issue.  Does it get your thinking cap turning? We hope so! Dr Oz The Good Life's 2017 themes have been updated and Tin Shingle has them for you. As well as Fit Pregnancy & Baby which has replaced American Baby. All of them are in our Member Resources > Editorial Calendars section. Don't forget that all access members can also use the Media Tracking Sheet Template to help make their ideas a success. Not a member? Well, come see what you missing!

Some other titles Tin Shingle added this week: 

American Way

Bella NYC Magazine

Canoe & Kayak

Clean Eating

Coastal Living


Popular Photography


Vegetarian Times - Digital Edition


It's Super Bowl Weekend, Can Your Business Still Get PR Around This Timely Topic?

Maybe you've been planning to use the Super Bowl as a trending topic to get press around, yet maybe you put it off. Or perhaps you thought it wasn't for you - this sport may have nothing to do with your business. But there is an important factor to the Super Bowl that we did not discuss during February's TuneUp: unpredictability.

During the TuneUp, we covered ideas and angles you could be pitching that are relevant right now this instant. While going through the "short lead" press ideas, aka social media, blogs and TV, I mentioned the Super Bowl, and then nixed it, saying it was days away and too close to get any press for. But here's where the unpredictability card can be played to give you more time: The Commercials.

Super Bowl Ads and Hot Topics After the Game

The commercials usually lead to big discussions and debates, and you never know where they are going to take you. In 2015, the Nationwide Super Bowl Ad, "Dead Boy," about a boy who died in a car accident, created a lot of discussion. The predicted Most Controversial ad for 2017: 84 Lumber's ad showing a mother and daughter making their way across the Mexico/U.S. boarder. Or Budweiser's shift away from Clydesdale horses into (also) the immigration issue, with their ad featuring a small business run by immigrants.

Watch as many pre-game Super Bowl commercials as you can before the game, and start brainstorming how you're going to get your company in on that for opportunities to be quoted in online articles. Or write some yourself. Good publishing sources for you are your LinkedIn page, your business blog, and Twitter and Instagram using images to represent your article. This will require swift pitching to the press, but if the press doesn't respond or pick it up, then off to your own website's blog and to your own LinkedIn profile you go. This is a trending topic, though, so don't wait too long for a response if you're going to publish your idea on one of your platforms. Go ahead and do it anyway.

PS: We updated Tin Shingle's Exclusive Instagram Hashtag Cheat Sheet with #superbowl hashtag ideas - we did the research so that you don't have to! This is a members-only tool, so if you're a member, click right here and make a hashtag list in the notepad of your phone for this weekend and beyond!
Hint: Our favorites include #superbowlnails, #supererbowlbaby #superbowlfoodies - but there are more.

Hey - if you get press via this route, pitch your success story to Tin Shingle - we may want to feature it on our blog!

Want Super Bowl PR? You've Got 1 Move Left


Father's Day Gift Guides

Happy February everyone! I know its only the second day of the month, and yes Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, but here at Tin Shingle we are already talking about Father's Day. Gift guides are a hot commodity and definitely can give your brainstorming some sparkle. However, editors at the glossy magazines you love  are gathering materials now.  For it's members, Tin Shingle has collected some Father's Day features in our Editorial Opportunity Database to give you some inspiration and direction to land press in your target magazine.  Here is a sneak peak:

Better Homes & Gardens

Boston Magazine

Family Fun

Men's Health

Pregnancy & Newborn

Vegetarian Times (Digital Version)

Sport's Illustrated

If you are a member, jump on over to our Editorial Calendars and filter by "Father's Day" to see the complete list. Wonder if an outlet is looking for Father's Day material but can't find it in the Ed Cals? Send me an email at If you aren't a product based business don't throw your opportunities away!!! For example, Family Fun will feature What Dad's Like to Make With Their Kids - Can you provide tips or expert advice related to anything Dad's? Also don't miss out on this prerecorded Tuneup with PR expert Kelly Kepner for more tips, tricks, and inspiration.  She discusses the opportunities associated with Mother's Day but, the principles are the same. All Tuneups are free for members. If your not a member make buzz happen by joining here for access to all resources including editorial calendars, submission deadlines, and media contacts. Now all of you, go grab a template and start writing the perfect pitch!

PR Tip: Women's History Month Is In March - Get It? March...

A sneak-peek from our new Editorial Calendar Pin-Up Tool coming...Women's History Month is in March. That's a great tie-in to any momentum one is looking for. March is just around the corner, and it doubles with the verb "march". Could pitch your activities to short lead media or digital versions of print magazines, see who bites.

Want to see when other important dates are that you need a leg up on? All of these are in Tin Shingle's Blog Planning and Production Calendar, which you can download from here. All-Access Members of Tin Shingle get it for free!


Editorial Calendars Are Here!

Finally!! They are pouring in-just in time to help keep your new goals and plans in sight. After weeks of communication with specific outlets, and patient research, Editorial Calendars are being uploaded for members only on Tin Shingle. Stay tuned each week as more are being added as we get them. Over 900 opportunities are already available-including some Mother’s Day stories. Move fast though, deadlines close in soon on these. SELF might have discontinued their print but, we have what stories they will cover in their digital edition. Check out the October article: Self Made Money. I am currently embracing Success Magazine's upcoming theme: Patience-the journey, not the destination, is the reward. And for every one trapped inside from the cold, brainstorm ideas for the many summer stories about to pop up such as Real Simple's Summer Entertaining addition. Head on over to the Editorial Calendar and browse by Outlet or Area of Interest to see what media you could land this year! As always, if there is an outlet you are interested and its not there, send me an email at and I’ll see what I can do to track it down.  Not a member yet? Make your goals happen with instant access to all our member resources. Happy Pitching!

Here are just the outlets that were added this month:


Field & Stream



Martha Stewart Living

Martha Stewart Wedding

Men’s Health

Men’s Journal

Michigan Avenue

Outside Magazine

Outdoor Life

Popular Science

Pregnancy & Newborn

Psychology Today

Rachael Ray Every Day

Reader’s Digest

Real Simple Magazine


Runner’s World



Southern Living Magazine

Spirituality & Health 

Sports Illustrated

Success Magazine

Sunset Magazine


Tin Shingle's First PR & Social Media Challenge of 2017 Starts Today!


Today is the first day of this year's Tin Shingle PR & Social Media Challenge! This is the chance for members of Tin Shingle to connect with one another face-to-face via computer (like we do for TuneUps, but this time YOU get to be on camera too!).

What You Can Expect:
1. Bring your goals. Any goal - big or small. Examples:
        To schedule my Facebook posts.
        To get print press in XYZ magazine.
        To get over my fear of video on Facebook Live or Twitter Live (aka Periscope).
         To finish a big project which is XYZ that I need feedback on so that I can start pitching.

2. You can participate via phone or computer, but we prefer computer so that we can look at each other!

3. This goes every other Tuesday. If you need to skip one, that's alright. If you join during a later week, that's alright too.

Tin Shingle Members can get the link by clicking here.

Not yet a member? Activate your membership today and see you soon!

Speak soon!


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