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How to Get a Product on a TV Table Top Segment

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This training TuneUp features long-time friend and co-founder of Tin Shingle, Sabina Hitchen, who now rocks the PR world with the launching of her new brand Sabina Knows in 2016. Formerly a high school teacher, Sabina now teaches a PR master class for Small Business through her new venture, Sabina Knows.

In her latest endeavors, Sabina has launched the curated TV segment #SmallBizBigIdea, where she shows off favorite products on TV from small businesses like yours. Being on the other side of the camera - and the pitching process - Sabina will reveal where businesses slip up when pitching their products to an on-air stylist, and what the winning PR pitches had in them to help her pick their product to bring on TV.

This TuneUp will talk about the whole process of how to pitch a TV or “Table Top" opportunity, to what Sabina looks for in product pitches, to what do you do after you do get the press.

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