Tin Shingle's New Membership Packages Unveiled


Tin Shingle's membership model is changing to add flexibility and options at different price-points. When you subscribe as a member of Tin Shingle, you will now have different levels of which you can select from, depending on what you need from Tin Shingle, and where you are in your business right now. Here to tell you about it face to face is Tin Shingle's co-founder Katie Hellmuth Martin. In this TuneUp, Katie unveils the new model and pricing plans.

You'll also get a sneak peek into the new offerings that Tin Shingle is extending: Private Training. Tin Shingle has been developing a Private Strategy and Training program for members who need personalized guidance from someone at Tin Shingle. One of our most frequently asked question on sales calls from people wondering about if Tin Shingle is right for them is this: "I can join, but I can talk to you, right?" Well, yes, in our Community Boards, digitally. But not via a consulting call or retainer package. You will learn more about those during this TuneUp.

NOTE: Businesses who are members of Tin Shingle prior to the price change are automatically locked into their rate. You don't need to do a thing to lock it in.

DEAL ALERT: The deal price of $39/month is still available, but only for hours more. You can lock this in now, or pick your membership package later at the regular price! But you'll miss the lock-in opportunity.