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Stories that qualify for this series include:

  • You got this press from a PR Lead in your member account center.
  • You pitched an editor or producer from our Media Contacts.
  • You thought up an angle for a story from the Editorial Calendars.
  • You and another member of Tin Shingle worked on a project together.
  • If Tin Shingle was involved in any way.


What is your full company name you would prefer used in the interview?


How often have you been working on your own PR? Either by yourself or someone on your team?


Please include a link to or image of your press for us to use in this story.


What press opportunity did you snag and how did Tin Shingle contribute to your success?


How long did the entire process take (days, weeks?)


Can you walk us through the process, from pitch to placement?


What made your pitch extra special? What type of highlights did you include in your pitch to make it stand out? Was your subject line snappy or clever?


Did you learn anything through this process that you can share with other small business owners?


To make your interview extra juicy, we would love to read what your pitch email was. This is totally optional, but our readers would appreciate a glimpse into your magic! An example is this SNAGGED! story based on this USA Today story.