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Tin Shingle Member Interviews MSNBC's JJ Ramberg

The fundamental part of Tin Shingle's educational training is to make buzz about your brand to get the word out about how awesome it is. This goes for any small business, whether service-based, storefront, product or even event focused. Often times, this involves more than just organic PR; meaning more than just pitching your gorgeous shoes to the latest issues of Elle, Oprah, and the Today Show. 

TV Segment Looking For Gift Guide Product

On Air "Table Top" Expert Seeking Themed Products for Morning News Show Segment - Act Fast!

We have to keep most of the juicy details private - and available to Tin Shingle Members Only at Level 4, but here’s what we can share with you (upgrade or login for full contact details and pitching tips):


Valentine's Day Pitching Guide

Don't Let This Gift Guide Slip Your Mind

Many this time of year are busy focusing their attention and planning on holiday placement; be it for gift guides, stories, or even advertisement. This is for good reason as holiday stories can make a lot of buzz for your brand.  However, print magazines have long moved away from the holiday extravaganza and began focusing on spring.

2018 Editorial Calendars Uploaded

2018 Print Magazine Editorial Calendars Added

Is the magazine you're looking for not up yet? Email

  • Boys' Life
  • Family Circle
  • Family Fun
  • Girls' Life
  • Traditional Home
  • Veranda
  • More to come!

What Is An Editorial Calendar?

Simply put, it is the general direction or theme the editors plan for each issue of a magazine during the calendar year.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month Turns 30 - Resonates with This Week's TuneUp - Going Bigger: The Mindset

This month (October) National Domestic Violence Month turns 30, which supports individuals working through domestic issues and raises awareness for those issues. A belief of National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (NRCDV) is well supported also by Tin Shingle: Storytelling is a tool for raising awareness & inspiring action. The truth is our personal life spills over, shapes, and changes our business life.


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