#MotivationMinute: Just Let It Go


Motivation Monday: Business Tips to Let Go of Undue Anxieties, Failed Partnerships, Over Thinking, Expectations Postponed.

If you listen or watch Tin Shingle's free live Training TuneUps (every Wednesday at Noon EST) you are very familiar with our "Motivation Minute" which inspires, encourages, and motivates all to keep reaching out, slaying all their goals, whether personal or business.

Tin Shingle's Most Recent "Motivation Minute" Inspired By An (Often) Reminder, Just Let It Go.

I promise not to break into song from Disney's Frozen (but in my head that is my theme song). The truth is life, and especially business journeys can be related to an amusement park ride- the ups and downs, excitement and dread of what will happen or does happen next. It is inevitable that there will be some regrets, maybe many expectations postponed, one or two failed partnerships, and if you're anything like me, a whole lot of over thinking.

You just need to LET IT GO!

Resentment, guilt, and holding on to undue anxieties have been often compared to drinking small amounts of poison. We may not necessarily notice the effect at first, but, it is definitely there, and will only continue to hurt yourself, your goals, and possibly your passions. No one wants that! 

How to Let It Go:

I know you are probably saying, yeah easier said than done. Did I tell you I am the queen of over thinking? Here are a few tips (and reminders for myself) to move on, start fresh, and let it all go.

  • Take a deep breath or many! Sounds simple but, it really can help. 
  • Remember your priorities. Sometimes we focus on something that in reality is actually very small. Which brings us too...
  • Maintain perspective. Look at the big picture. Make small goals to reach larger goals. And no matter what don't give up...get up!
  • Don't compare your "behind the scenes" with everyone else's "highlight reel". Yes, that is a Pinterest quote, but it is true. Focusing on where others are and you are not will get you nowhere! 

You can't drive a car while only looking in the rear view mirror. So learn from your mistakes, recognize your priorities, and keep perspective. All of us here at Tin Shingle have confidence that you can and will rock every last challenge and goal!

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