Member Update: Holiday Gift Guide Help


It's Holiday Gift Guide Season!

All of your dreams of seeing your business in national print magazines are happening now. Summertime is the time to make your own luck and opportunities by pitching magazines who may be working on Holiday Gift Guides for November/December issues. Your biggest chance of landing features is by pitching the right product with the right hook. Holiday Gift Guides come in many shapes and sizes. The best ones are themed like this:

"Best Gifts for Bros"
"Best Gifts for New Moms"
"Best Gifts for BFFs"

Need ideas for what to pitch? Not sure if what you wrote will work?
Ask Tin Shinglers in our Community Board Forum! This is where member help members by group editing a pitch. 

How The Pitch Whisperer Works:

The Pitch Whisperer Forum was created for you to get feedback, tips, and strategy advice on your pitch and get support from other Tin Shingle members, peers, and experts. It is a private forum available to Tin Shingle paid members only. (Membership starts at $45/month for the Level One: Community Membership at Tin Shingle.) All Tin Shingle forums are moderated, and a safe place for Level One Community Members and above to use to get productive feedback on pitches you submit. Browse some topics already started to generate and refine ideas, or start a new thread with your own pitch and questions. Here are some tips to get the best support:

  • Be sure to copy and paste your whole email pitch you are planning to use.
  • Include your email subject line.
  • Upload the photo(s) you will include with your pitch to your forum entry.
  • Include details of what outlet (Magazine, TV Station, Website etc.) you are pitching and why.
  • Don't forget to ask your questions!

Want More?

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