Get Your PR Leads Here!


Yes, that title is a play on the favorite Boston baseball game snack (Get Your Peanuts, Hee-ah). And yes, you have to say "here" with a Boston accent, after all Boston is one of the best places on Earth (ok, Im biased being from there but, still!) Anyway, have you seen the recent #PRSpecialOpps flying through our mailboxes and into yours? If not, you need to sign up for Tin Shingle's Newsletter to be among the elite who see it first! Here is a little insider's look at the newest leads.​

Submission details, pitching tips, and contact information for each PR lead is available to Level 3 Media Lists and Level 4 All Access Members of Tin Shingle. When upgrade or activate your membership you will have immediate access to all PR Leads.

What do you do after getting the leads and finding the contacts? You sharpen your buzz building, pitch writing skills with these Tin Shingle Training TuneUps:

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What is there left to do? Root, Root Root for YOUR team! Go make Buzz!